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Official 2017 Buck Board

31 August 2017 - 03:56 PM


Whippersnappers: ............................. 13

.....MeatBuck..30..CA..A Zone..... 6
.....Babe......28..CA..M11..... 7

Geezers:.................................. 52

.....Salvo58..39..CA..A Zone..... 7
.....willy....46..CA..C Zone..... 10
...bigbadhunter..62..CA..C Zone... 4


18 August 2017 - 10:10 PM

Confirmed this story I heard last weekend with the guys at the RMEF booth at the yolo co fair this evening with a picture of one of the animals killed.

Opening weekend in A zone, two idiots, supposedly from the San Diego area, hunting in the cache creek wildlife area along hwy 16 near cowboy camp killed two big "whitetail" bucks, a twelve pointer and an eleven pointer. Needing help getting their trophy harvests out of a draw they head back to camp to get help. They ask the first guy they see for assistance and show him a picture of these "whitetails".

Bottom line, they were bull tule elk!!!

They were turned in immediately and busted before they could get the elk out of the field.

We saw the game warden parked on hwy 16 Sunday in a funny spot and wondered what he was doing there, now I know.

I swear people watch too much f'n TV these days...

How's Your 2017 Blacktail Season Going?

10 July 2017 - 05:22 PM

I know it's only day three but I figure start this now and see where it goes...

Pretty simple, how's your season going?


30 June 2017 - 08:41 AM

Well here's what's going on...going to use 2016 rules again.

Below is a list of rules and guideline for everyone to read or reread for 2017

You MUST BE A BTC MEMBER before your hunt starts to enter a kill.

Post your kill and story IN THIS THREAD ONLY and I will add your info and score to the thread titled "Official 2017 Buck Board" please DO NOT REPLY to that thread as it will be for scoring only.


* The total number of all points (including eye-guards, AKA brow tines) over 1/2 inch long equals your final score. Please try to be as accurate as possible.

* Scoreable point issues will be resolved by being honest and knowing what a half inch is.

* Doe's count as one point.

* HONESTY will go a long way in keeping this a friendly contest without discrepancy.

* Participants will be divided into two teams, the "WhipperSnappers" and the "Geezers".

* The dividing point of the teams will be age 35(that's about the average age split in past contests)


* You ONLY sign-up for the contest AFTER YOU MAKE YOUR KILL.

*Your AGE is figured when your season OPENS

*If you live in California, and take a Blacktail in Oregon or Washington, it can still be entered into the contest. This is just an example. This holds true no matter which western state you live in. Only the highest score will be recorded

* Successful entrants scores will be added next to their names on the "Buck Board" as bucks are taken so everyone can keep track of the competition.

* A PHOTO of YOU WITH YOUR BUCK MUST be submitted with your entry to be eligible.

* If an entrant takes a bigger buck later in the season, after already entering a buck, their numbers will be changed to reflect the score of the larger buck.

* If you hunt exclusively in an area that does not hold true Columbian Blacktail, or Sitka Blacktail , you can still enter your buck. This exception only applies to entrants WHO DO NOT HAVE TAGS to hunt Blacktail. It is also limited to bucks taken in their home state.

* In order for a buck to be entered, contestants are REQUIRED to post a PHOTO, THEIR AGE, STATE, HUNT ZONE ,and a SCORE.

* Numbers will be updated periodically to reflect the current standings.

The start of California's A-zone archery season will be the official start date(7/8/17). And will end after the last blacktail season closes.

So if you make a kill and post it by following the ALL of the RULES, you will be put on a team and your score will be counted and added to the "Buck Board".

Have fun be safe and good luck this season.

Preparing for 2017 season

10 June 2017 - 10:49 AM

Anyone even thought about black-tails since last season?
Done any scouting?
Set any cameras?
Cut any trails?
Bought new gear?
Draw anything?