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Oregon Willamette Valley Blacktail's

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Posted 18 November 2011 - 09:57 AM

Thought I would start up a conversation on the merit's of hunting Willamette Valley Blacktail verses Mule Deer from Central and Eastern Oregon.
While I have never hunted Whitetail Deer, I have hunted Mule Deer a bit. From what I have seen and read, I have to conclude that these Willamette Valley Bucks (or Columbian Blacktail) are the Ultimate Challenge for a hunter. I have seen a lot of hunters move from the midwest or southern states, and they get real frustrated with trying to get a Blacktail Buck. The small bucks come out in the open while the Big Bruiser's stay in the thick brush or Big Timber. Most of them end up hunting Mule Deer because it is more like the wide open Whitetail hunting they are used to. This also goes for Oregon hunters that grew up on hunting Mule Deer then tried to switch to Blacktail. Most give up and go back to Mule hunting.
I know that Whitetail Bucks and Muledeer Bucks are typically bigger than a Blacktail buck, but I love the challenge that these elusive monster's present. Getting a big Blacktail Buck is an accomplishment. Over my lifetime I have bagged 10 Forked Horns of verying sizes, with two being very large older deer, a nice 3 x 2, one nice 4 x 3, a beauty of a 4point with eyeguards, and this year's nice 3pt with eyeguards. 4 out of the last 5 were the bigger bucks as I have refined my hunting tactics and have been willing to go much deeper in the woods where the average hunter won't go because it is a lot of hard work.
I know the average hunter gets a buck now and then and they are usually a forked horn or smaller 3 pt. Anyone can get lucky on a bigger one some times.
I don't think the Farm bucks are difficult. Try bagging one of these mountain bucks that doesn't like to come out of deep cover. Perserverance and a little luck are required, although I think we can increase our luck by putting ourselves in a better situation to be around one of these monsters. I have seen a few Monsters that would rival a nice Mule buck, although I have to admit that by and large there aren't too many Blacktails that can compete with the biggest Mule Bucks.
I would love to hear about other Oregon Hunter's thoughts concerning the challenge of hunting Majestic Monster Blacktail Bucks verses Muledeer Bucks and Whitetail Bucks. Your experiences and stories would be interesting as well.

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