2003 San Benito County Bucks
By PJ Breen

Attached are pictures (click photos for larger view) of two A-Zone bucks taken by myself and Brian Barrett in San Benito County during the 2003 season. The first picture shows me with a nice 4 x 3, 19" wide, 16" high buck taken on August 13th outside of San Juan Bautista on family property. As you can see from the picture urban sprawl is quickly approaching our land but it hasn't eliminated the opportunity to take decent bucks. I had watched this buck for over an hour with a girl I was dating at the time.We placed ourselves downwind of the deer and waited for another thirty minutes before the buck walked within 20 yards of our spot. One shot from my .300 Mag. put him on the ground.


PJ Breen took this great buck on family property in San Benito, County, CA.

The below picture is of a buck taken by Brian Barrett of Hollister, CA on September 13th,. The buck is a beautiful 3 x 3 with eyeguards, 23" wide, 16" high. This deer was taken on private land southeast of the Pinnacles National Monument in southern San Benito County. We were hunting a canyon we had not been in all season. A slow and deliberate drive with four hunters moving down this canyon got the buck to move. Brian took him with his Great-Grandfather's .300 Savage.

Brian Barrett And PJ Breen (right) with Brian's 23 inch 3x3 taken near Hollister, CA
The last picture is of Brian and Ken Bettincourt (who took the pic of Brian and I) as I found them when the buck had been located. We had to take the deer 500 yards straight up the canyon in 100 degree heat. Good thing it was a good one!

Brian Barrett and Ken Bettincourt with Brian's impressive San Benito County buck.
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