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BTC Photo Submission Requirements

In order to maintain the quality of the site, and out of respect for the Blacktail Deer, only tastefully presented photos will be accepted for inclusion into the BTC photo galleries.


  • Heads without bodies attached.
  • Just skull cap and horns.
  • Excessively blood photos of any type.
  • Photos depicting hunting in a negative light.
  • Wall mounts.*
  • Photos of poor quality
  • Photos of deer in the back of trucks or on ATV's.*

*.Possible exceptions may apply to these guidelines

Please also include this Important Information

1. Description and pertinent information, such as hunters name, state, and a rough size of the deer. Exact location details should not be included.

If you would as like to included a story please do so but be aware, sometimes it is necessary for editing to be done on submitted stories.

Posting Stories and photos on message board.

If you photos do not meet the criteria for posting on the main site, or if you would like to see them on-line immediately, you can post them yourself on the message board. The requirements for posting on the BTC message board are not as stringent as the main site. As long as photos are not overly gory or distasteful they will be allowed. However if members find the offensive they will be removed.

Please keep these guidelines in mind when taking and submitting photos. Once again I would like to thank everyone who has made a submission to BlacktailCountry. Your contributions to the website are what make the site possible. Click here to Submit Photo

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The Facts about the bucks pictured on BTC.

.In the past there has been considerable debate about whether or not some of the the bucks pictured in the California Field Photos section of BTC are in fact truly pure Columbia Blacktails and not the muley cross hybrids that some people try to pass off as Blacktails. To help put this matter to rest once and for alI I did a little research. The reason most often stated by nonbelievers is "the bucks from California are to wide to be pure Columbian Blacktails". I believe many people make this assumption simply because they are unaware of the size Columbia Blacktails are capable of attaining. To help them better understand I have made a list of outside spread widths from B&C's Records of North American Deer and Elk. If you have a minute take a look, I think some of you might find these numbers very enlightening.

On the same page I also put some information together to help people better determine where they have the best chance of harvesting a Boone & Crockett Blacktail. The information is broken down by county and state. The page also contains a chart with a simply formula for estimating your deer's live and dressed weights without the use of a scale.