Eastern Blacktails as we have chosen to call them might actually be pure Columbian Blacktails but since they come from outside of B&C's recognized boundaries we have given then their own section. Click photo's below for larger view or place cursor over image for discription.
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Tyson Wilson took this great buck outside of Burney. The heavy horned bucks antlers measure 23 inches wide and 21 inches high. The big bodied 4x3 dressed out at 200lbs. Congratulations Tyson on an awesome buck!.
This buck was taken on public land by Cesar Vaca in Los Angeles County in California’s D11 Zone, the last weekend of the 2004 season.. The buck sported a very nice,  20w x 18h, 4x3 rack with a kicker.
Here's a photo of an "Eastern Blacktail" Taken by Dave Rowan the last week of the 2004 season in the low country of Tuolumne County near Jamestown. He's approx 181/2 wide.
James Ramsey sent in theis series of photos showing  his family and friends with bucks they have taken near Coalinga
Rick Palmiere and  Lance Cummings with 2 great D-5 bucks
This buck was taken at 1,200', east of Redding on 9-19-04. The deer is a pure Blacktail that green scores 135 6/8. This is a perfect example of the B & C boundary keeping some good blacktails out of the book. The buck was the most symmetrical buck I have ever shot. He had under 1 inch of deductions. Parrey Cremeans Redding, Ca.
James Ramsey and a 19 7/8 W X 15H , 4x4 shot outside of Coalinga Ca in 2001
Jerry Rice with his beautiful 24 1/2 inch, 5x3,  he killed in Oroville, California in 2003.
Beautiful Placer County, Ca, 4x3
Paul trouette's 157 5/8  buck
Mike Hoppis with his 4x5, 2002 buck
Stacy Willoughby's 27 inch Sierra Nevada  Buck
Stacy Willoughby's  22 inch, 4x5
Christian Giomi's C-3, 4X3
Big Oregon Blacktail, 22 inch wide,4x4.d
Mark Partsch's 19 wide x 18 high, California,  3x3
Shaun Rapp, 3 x 3
41 inch bck
California buck
Shaun Rapp of Outland Video submited this photo.
Chris Anson
Mark Faust and his X5-b  Buck
2 more X5-b Bucks
First Buck
Big Oregon Blacktail, 22 inch wide,4x4.d
Symetrical Oregon Blacktail
Regressing Oregon Blacktail
Joseph Anson with a nice 3pt
Huge Blacktail Cross
Shaun Rapp another 3 x 3
D.J. Butlers 2000, 26 inch buck

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