Dave Wood, Washington

..Dave has been an avid Blacktail hunter most of his life. He was born and raised in the Sequim area of Washington States Olympic Peninsula. His father taught firearms safety and Dave passed his Hunters Safety course at the age of seven and began hunting Blacktails the same year. At the age of twelve he took his first buck.
..Dave has been married to his wife Robin for 23 years and together they have two daughters, as well as two grandchildren. He and his fathers passion for hunting has instilled a deep respect for the outdoors in both of his daughters, which will likely be carried on for generations to come.
..Daves other passion is hound hunting for Lions and Bobcats. His twenty years of Cat hunting provides a lot of fond memories of the bush. Unfortunately it was now taken away by the anti-hunting community.
..Recently Dave and his family moved to
Ketchikan, Alaska. Since the move Dave has taken up hunting a whole new type of blacktail, the sitka. So far while he learns the area, they have proven to be as elusive as their Southern counterparts. And in some respects even more challanging.
A couple of Daves early Olympic Peninsula bucks. The buck on the right was taken at the age of twelve. The one the left was Daves first three point, taken a few years later.

..At the urging of his family Dave has recently begun penning his hunting memories into a book. Dave has been a regular contributor to the site and severaln of his stories have been featured in the articles section. His most recent contribution "The Pocket Buck" was added this week.
..If you have read Dave's stories you know that he does a large portion of his Blacktail hunting in Washington's Olympic Peninsula. The Peninsula is a very diverse region. You have at your fingertips the option of black timber,Coastal rainforest, lowland rural thickets and Dave's favorite, the high alpine areas, much of which lies above timber line. He prefers to hunt the the alpine areas because of the breathtaking scenery and the adrenaline flow associated with spot and stalk hunting. The biggest plus is if you are willing to work hard and get farther off the beaten path than most hunters, you can enjoy the solitude of the mountains and hunt virtually alone.
..Dave has taken his share of trophy class blacktails, some of which are pictured, others can be seen on his websites, Blacktail Trails and Blacktails-n-More. Recently Dave's daughter, Heidi, who resides in Wrangell, Alaska, took an exceptional sitka blacktail, of which Dave is extremely proud (you can also read the story of Heidi's first buck on this site). It is great to see our hunting tradition being passed down to future generations. As long as there are people like Dave Wood and his family, who's love of nature and the great outdoors represents a unique way of life. Our hunting heritage is bound to remain strong.

Two of Daves greatest passions are hound hunting for cats and chasing Blacktails in the high mountains of Washingtons Olympic Peninsula.


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