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California Field Photo Page #3
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Record Book Columbian Blacktail
Jeni Antonio's first buck!
Jerry Yates and his 26 1/2 inch A-zone Blacktail
21 inch 3x3
Beautiful  B-Zone buck
Nick Jardstrom's 24 inch 4x4
James Duxbury's 170lbs Blacktail
Gerrad Payne's 2002 A-Zone 3x3
Justin Lovich and his first deer
Harold Goodrich's 2002 Archery buck. A-Zone
Jim Johnston's big Humboldt County 3x3
Joe Scott's 2002 blacktail
Big California Blacktail
Paul Trouette and friends. B-zone 2002.
Kevin Nielsen's 2002 buck
A few oF Mike Thorntons Bucks , submitted by his son Tad.
Bob Anderson's  high 3x3
29 inch wide A-zone blacktail
Charlie Whatley's Big California Blacktail
6  of 8 bucks taken  on our hunt durind the last week of B-Zone
Sal Cannatella's Cottrell Ranch buck
Luke's first buck
Jeneane Anderson with another public land buck
28 7/8 Yolla Bolly buck
25 1/2 wide, 5x5
 Lance Scribner's first buck
Another Covelo Blacktail
Jason Burris's heavy horned  4x3  Blacktail
Mike Burris  with his 2000 4x3
Jeneane Anderson with  one of her  Trinity Co. Blacktails
Larry Scribner's Bow killede 4x4
Head Mounts of two of Jeneane's bucks
Jeneane's  buck and and her husbands
Jeneane Anderson with another great public land blacktail
Bob Andersons  high horned 3x3
Bob Anderson  with another Trinity County buck
Jeneane Anderson with a  beautiful Trinity County Buck
Jeneane Anderson, 4x2
Jim Paul's 5x4 Blacktail
Chad Davids Public land Blacktail
Joe Scott's B&C Blacktail
Joe Scott
Larry Hathcock & Mick Mulkins
Big Buck contest photo
Ruth Lake Blacktail
Joe Scott
Tony Grech's  Record Book Blacktail
21 inch 3x3
Covelo 4x4
Three trophy Blacktails
Tony Grech's  B-Zone Blacktail
Kathy Tuel's first buck
Tony Grech's  21 inch buck
19 inch wide Mendocino County Blacktail
B-Zone Blacktail2001 California A-zone bucksDave Casella, Livermore, Ca
25 Inch Blacktail
Don Osborne and Livermore Ca.  Blacktail
Mendocino Blacktail
California Field Photo Page #3