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Cameron Hamilton, 13, of Cottage Grove, Oregon shot this monster 4x4 blacktail on the first day of his youth hunt after passing up two big bucks.  Shot at 60 yards one step before it would have gotten away.
Trenton Simon, 13, from Albany, Oregon shot his first blacktail buck early in the morning in the Linn County area.  He shot it with his Ruger 30-06 with 180 gr.  It was a nice forked horn dressed out at 130lb. This is Jared Parsons first buck. He took this beautiful, 5X15, 3x2 near Cottage Grove. His older brother Joey was there to help pack it out. Michael Bohen had this to say about his great Oregon Blacktail. This is a photo of the Blacktail buck I killed in 2003. He is a 4x5, with  just over a 17" spread. He was taken in the Dixon unit of Southern Oregon and  will be entered in the 2006 edition of the Oregon Record Book, scoring 132 1/8. Matt Jaeger's Oregon Blacktail. "This is my 2004 buck taken in Jackson county Oregon. He is 4x4 with one eye guard. I took him last week of season at  dusk, in the snow. He had a huge body" Redside a regular on the BTC message board took this great buck during this years (2004) rifle season.
Bill Parsons caught this exceptional buck cruising in the timber on 11-3-04.He has an outside spread of 22 inches.I haven't had a chance to get him scored yet but I hope he scores well.I got him near Cottage Grove,OR.
Tracy Forrest took this nice 3x4 with eyeguards during the 2004 season.,3 days before it closed. The buck was taken only 30 ft  from where he took another buck 3 years ago. The 2 bucks have a very similar antler configuration. Norm Pendall sent in this photo of his friend Grant Spies and a buck he harvested on the last day of the 2003 season. Mike Broady killed this heavy horned buck east of Mets Hill during this years Alan Sprague took this, his first buck, on his first deer hunt near Philomath in 2004. The buck was taken with one shot at 75 yards and dressed out at 120lbs Nathan lorenz's 4x5 Blacktail killed in the Siuslaw Unit 2004.
Norm Pendell said this about this years season. "We have far fewer deer than we did a few years ago due the Hair Loss Syndrome, but there are still a few nice bucks running around Lane County.  This 16 inch plus buck walked in front of me on Halloween."
These two deer where shot on the same day two hours apart and  where within one mile of each other. They were taken in the Santiam unit on halloween.
Kevin and his a super buck that he took on 11/2/04 in the Alsea unit. "I called my brother after I shot my 22 x14, 4pt, and asked him if he wanted to see it. He said sure and that he had something to show me. His buck measured 20x15 and was a heavy horned 5x4. One side has double eyeguards that both fork and  the other side has double eyeguards and one of those fork. Both were killed 11-03-04 near Cottage Grove. Bill Parsons Dave Clearman with his 2004 last day buck Rod posted this great picture on the message board  of a buck his hunting partner recently took in the Oregon coast range
Pictured here is Theresa Musgrove posing with a 3x4 blacktail buck with 4 inch drop tines.  The buck was harvested in the Willamette unit.
Brian Pfeiffer took this nice 4x4 after passing up numerous smaller bucks.
Dale Lauzon with his first buck in 17 years!!!  A very nice oregon 3x3.
Jean Jaeger took this buck on 10-29-04 in Southern Oregon.  Snow on the ground and raining hard, this buck walked out as Jean was on her stand. One shot from her Remington 270 dropped the big guy from about 100 yards.
Doug Noyes Jr. sent in this photo of his son Caleb with Dougs 2004, 18 inch wide, 3 point Taken a week into Oregons rifle season.
Ardell Bailey's 4x4 Oregon Blacktail
Damien Schmidt's Oregon buck
Forrest Smith's 3pt Blacktail
Clay Pendelton's 2002 Buck
2001 Oregon Blacktail
Jason Cutsforth's 4x3
14 year old Chris Gasner's 3x4
Michael Beebe's Oregon blacktail
Ray Musgrove with 3 point, 2002 buck
Steve and Travis Fugate
Steve Reed's 2002 Blacktail
Damien Schmidt's  2002 buck
Marc and Jon Molenkamps 2001 bucks
Ron Goslin's 4x4 Oregon Blacktail
Christian Giomi's 4x3
Terry  Smith's Oregon Blacktail
Clay Pendleton's 2001 Oregon Blacktail.
Southern Oregon Blacktail
Arlie Grunseth's Oregon Blacktail
Arlie Grunseth with another great Oregon Blacktail
Cam Goodall's big Oregon buck
Two Oregon Blacktails
Record class oregon Blacktail
Phil and Joe's Oregon Blacktail
Mike Prohoroff's, 23 inch, 2001 Oregon Blacltail
Tracy Forrest's first Blacktail
Ron French's 140 B&C Blacktail
155  P&Y Blacktail
Mike Prohoroff's B&C Oregon Blacktail
Oregon Blacktail
Ken Gloss's Oregon 3x3
Southern Oregon