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Brian Lantz had this to say about his trophy class blacktail.  'I shot this 3x3 buck in Jefferson County, on Oct. 29, 2004. His score when I  took him to the taxidermist was 137 gross. He has an 19 inch outside spread and  is 16 inches tall
This buck crept around , avoided and hid from us for four years, until October  28th 2004! On that wet foggy day my brother in law Brian Nilsen finally got a bullet into this Kitsap County hammer! Unfortunately I was off hunting pheasant in South Dakota, thank God for cameras!
"Shot him from my treestand on Oct 30th 2004 at 1643 hours. He was the  fifth buck I saw that day. I  passed on another good 3 point with eye guards before taking this monster . See story page for more details of the hunt.
Larry Sartain shot this heavy 5x4 blacktail October 2004 in Thurston county gross B&C score 127 1/8
Heres a great picture of Alyson Bowens with her second, deer taken with a 30.06.  The buck weighed 70 lbs hanging after being skinned. The next morning she shot the Coyote 40 yards from where she killed her buck.
This monster four-point was taken in Pierce County, WA. by Danny Campbell
Boyd Dart took this great blacktail during late buck season in 2004, in Pierce County with a modern firearm. It is a beautiful heavy horned 4 point with eye guards on both sides. Also pictured is his son Russ.
Bill Hollingsworth took this big Green River blacktail on a recent hunt. He green scores 134 5/8 B&C and was taken on the fifth day of the hunt, with  a 280 Remington.
Alex a regular on the Message board had this to say about his recent hunt. "Well I finaly got a nice buck. It will probably be tough for me to top this one any time soon. He's a nice 3pt just over 16in wide with his back point 10in tall. Not a monster, but the biggest I've ever got. We hunted hard all morning and then just lucked out in the afternoon. I guess I'd rather be lucky than good anyday."
Jamie posted this picture on the BTC message board along with these details. My dad's buck from Saturday. It was taken in Whatcom County. We had just split up to creep through the timber and I just happened to look back at him as he was raising his rifle. Hung at 185lbs field dressed.
Bill Dodd sent in this photo of a nice western Washington blacktail taken by a friend in Kings county.
Huckleberry from the BTC message board took this big fork opening day of the 2004 season.
Brian Inderbitzin of Puyallup, WA. shows of his first buck, taken on opening morning in 2002.  He shot the buck on Ranier Timber Company land in Pierce County Washington. Great job Brian.
This nice 2x3 was taken Oct.19,'04  by Craig Carterby in the Ryderwood unit of sw WA
Ryan Crater, took this great buck in Mason County  during the 2004 Season. He had the following to say about the hunt. "In memory of Old Stage Horn.  He was spotted out in the open and laid to rest using my 300 H&H on the third day of hunting season.  He will be missed by all the local does. "
Jim Stade a soldier stationed at Ft. Lewis Washington. Took this nice blacktail while hunting in the rain on Ft Lewis out of a patch of scotch broom. Being from the midwest and have only hunted whitetail this was his first blacktail.
Chad Bouma took this beautiful heavy horned 18 1/4 inch wide blacktail in Whatcom county.
Steve Harding took this nice  4x3 in the Washougal unit. He just appeared out of the fog with his nose to the ground!
This is the product of my first deer hunt, killed on my birthday (October 14th) in 1973.  By Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife guidelines, it is considered a blacktail.  By Boone and Crockett standards, it was shot about 3 miles east of their defined boundary.  The deer was shot in Klickitat County in the Klickitat River drainage.  It scored a 148 1/8 in 2000 by a certified scorer.  Scott Abernethy
Tony Drogmund took this large doe recently near Shelton Washington
Ernie Diamonds138 B&C Washington Blacktail
Ernie Diamonds147 6/8 B&C Washington Blacktail
Wiley Trotter's Washington Blacktail
Chuck Tarvers 21 inch 5x7
Chuck Tarvers Fort Lewis Buck
Mike Carroll's 2000 buck
Ben Mirka's submission
Trace Faughender's big Washington buck.
Kasey Andersons 125 gross B&C Blacktail
Craig Purviance's 2001 Washington Buck.
Side View of Craig's 2001 buck.
Craig and Doreen Purviance
Doreen Purviance's  1999  Washington Blacktail
Scott Puryear's opening morning buck
Another Washington Blacktail taken by the Wood family
Dave Wood with two big Washington bucks
Great Washington Blacktail
Another great Washington Blacktail
Heavy horned Carson County 5x8
Jim Jones,  Washington.
Jeff Catterlin's Washington 3x3.
Joe Jannsen's big Washington Blacktail
Frank Ponceroff's 5x5
Doreen Purviance's  2001 Washington Blacktail
Dave wood's big 5x4
Eric Peters 4x3 Washington Blacktail
Tom's Washington Blacktail
Ryan Krizan and Cory Bauer's Washington Blacktails
Ed Woodward's Washington buck
Mike Bosisto & Keith & Washington blacktail
Vancouver Island Blacktail
Jim Walters buck. Taken with a pistol
Ben Mirka's 1st buck
Chuck Tarver and Dale Hedgepeth
Heidi Wood with her second Washington Blacktail