Mendocino and Sonoma County Blacktail Hunts

Boyd Iverson's best selling  book on Blacktail Hunting

Oregon Weekly Hunting Report.

JavelinaHunter.com. The Internet's premiere resource for all things related
to JAVELINA Hunting. http://www.JavelinaHunter.com

Blacktail Hunting Books

Blacktail Trophy Tactics II. Over 15,000 copies sold. An extremely
informative book on hunting the elusive Coulmbian Blacktail.


Wild-Game Recipes

Chef Dave's Wild Game Recipes Cookbook.
"Hunters: Enjoy perfect
health. Cook your wild game meats the healthy way and you will live to
a healthy ripe old age". http://www.chefdave.homestead.com

Guides, Outfitters, Hunting Consultants

Specializing in Alaskan Sitka Blacktail Hunts

Cross Hair Consulting.
"Affordable Outdoor Adventures"

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Creators of BlacktailCountry.com
Specializing In Outdoor Oriented Websites

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Foundation for Blacktail Deer. http://www.blacktail.org/

Boone and Crockett Club. http://www.boone-crockett.org/

Safari Club International. http://www.sci-dc.org/

Pope and Young Club. http://www.pope-young.org/

Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation. http://www.elkcountry.org/

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