Leanne's Shoulder Mount Contributions

If you would like to contribute to Lead's shoulder mount fund, this is the place to do it. Select an amount below (or a combination of amounts) to reflect your total contribution. If you are not comfortable with placing an order on-line you can mail a check or money order ( payable to Clark's Taxidermy) to:

Blacktail Country
P.O. Box 47
Redwood Valley, CA

A list of people who contribute will be posted on the message board. The amount of their contribution will not be included, so everyone's contribution is appreciated equally. I will also post a tally of the total contributions to date. When you make a contribution please include your "user name" on the board

Just so everyone knows, there is really no deadline to contribute. It just has to be beore the mount is completed. We all understand that Christmas is dificult financial for many of us, so If it easier , wait until next month. As Foodplot said, no contribution is to small. In Leanne's case especially, it is truly, the thought that counts!!

$5.00 Contribution to BTC
Donations can be made here in $5.00 increments.

$10.00 Contribution to BTC
Donations can be made here in $10.00 increments.

Since some of you are having trouble with the PayPal set up, I'll try to clear up a few things. I have tested it and everything seems to be working correctly. PayPay gives you two ways to pay. 1. With a Credit Card 2. Through your PayPal account. Both choices are displayed side by side on the same page which can make it a little confusing. To pay by credit card fill in the information on the left. Address etc. To pay through an existing PayPal account enter your PayPal email address and password on the right I hope this helps

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